Cleaner Energy Cooler Climate: Developing Sustainable Energy Solutions for South Africa

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Energy and climate change are issues of critical importance for shaping a sustainable future, both in South Africa and globally. For South Africa, finding a policy approach which balances the increasing demand for energy with the need for sustainability, equity and climate change mitigation is a particular challenge. This book provides an innovative and strategic approach to climate policy, with local development objectives as its starting point.Through energy modelling, indicators of sustainable development and policy analysis, Harald Winkler builds a rich and detailed case study illustrating how a development-focused approach to energy and climate policy might work in South Africa.An energy researcher, IPCC author (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and a member of the South African delegation to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Winkler offers a nuanced examination of where the synergies and trade-offs lie, and makes clear the imperative of considering long-term implications when meeting short-term needs.""Cleaner Energy Cooler Climate"" provides analysis of how the supply and use of energy impacts on the local environment. Contrary to prevailing views, developing countries such as South Africa, contribute much to curb the build-up of the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global climate change. With current record-setting global crude oil prices, this book points out that making energy supply and use more sustainable is a central challenge in South Africa's future development path. The author explores the question of whether there is a locally sustainable path of energy development in the South African residential and electricity sectors that also reduces Green House Gas emissions.

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