Cleaning and Preparing Gamefish: Step by Step Instructions from Water to Table

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For anglers, it's tough to beat the fresh-caught flavour and satisfaction of a delicious fish dinner savoured after a successful day on the water. But to get the most from your catch, it must be handled, cleaned and prepared properly from the moment of capture. In this guide for anglers, Monte Burch, using step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations, explains how to handle all types of game fish caught in both fresh and salt water, including trout, salmon, bass, walleye, perch, catfish, northern pike, bluefish, redfish, striped bass, and many others. The handbook demonstrates the techniques required for gutting, scaling, skinning, steaking and filleting all popular game fish, and offers practical advice on choosing the methods that work best with the species you have caught. Burch also covers the knives, tools and other equipment needed for preparing fish, and illustrates basic cooking methods. He covers all the major methods of preserving fish, such as freezing (in water or vacuum wrapped), drying, pickling, canning and smoking. Then he shares many of his favourite recipes gleaned from a lifetime of experience in the outdoors, for frying, baking, poaching and broiling your fish.

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