College Writing Skills with Readings

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College Writing Skills with Readings, ninth edition, emphasizes personalized learning. Powered by Connect Writing, students use a groundbreaking personal learning plan, which helps them become aware of what they already know and what they need to practice. A self-study tool, its cutting-edge, continually-adaptive technology, and exclusive time-management features make students more productive, keep them on track, and give them the writing skills needed for all their college courses.
With a baseline adaptive diagnostic that assesses student proficiencies in five core areas of grammar and mechanics, students can generate a unique learning plan tailored to address their specific needs and help them determine what they want to study. Students receive a personalized program of lessons, videos, animations, and interactive exercises to improve their skills, as well as immediate feedback on their work. With an engine that incorporates metacognitive learning theory and provides ongoing diagnosis for each learning objective, the personal learning plan continually adapts with each student interaction, while built-in time management tools ensure that students work on pace to master all required learning objectives by the end of the course. This personalized, constantly-adapting online environment increases student readiness, motivation, and confidence and allows classroom instruction to focus on thoughtful and critical writing processes.

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