Comparative Magnetic Minima (IAU S286): Characterizing Quiet Times in the Sun and Stars

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IAU Symposium 286 presents authoritative reviews and the latest results on characterizing the quietest periods of solar and stellar magnetic activity cycles, from generative dynamo mechanisms to in-depth analyses of recent well-observed and well-modeled minima. Specific topics covered include effects on Earth such as the Maunder Minimum and Little Ice Ages associated with a period of extended, or 'grand', minima and how magnetic fields can be cyclically generated in solar and stellar interiors via dynamo processes. Studies of activity cycles in Sun-like and nearby stars help to place the Sun's cycles in a universal context. IAU S286 is unique in bringing together a diverse group of scientists from different disciplines to uncover common aspects of the physical processes involved in different environments from the Sun to Earth and stars to planets.

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Cambridge University Press
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