Conjugated Linoleic Acids and Conjugated Vegetable Oils

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Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) isomers of linoleic acid - a compound derived from meat and dairy products. Attention was first drawn to their potential anti-carcinogen properties in the 1980's; since then further health benefits have been reported, and applications in the glue and paint industries as a renewable resource have been explored.

This comprehensive book presents an overview of the background and research into CLA and examines each of their applications in the context of the chemistry surrounding them and CLA-enriched oils. The biosynthesis of CLA is presented, with a discussion on how animal husbandry could promote CLA production. Other chapters examine the current strategies for their synthesis using bespoke catalysts and enzymes. Readers from academia and industry will find the layout of the book highly accessible, with sections for each application.

The editors are both active researchers in the field, and have brought together a wealth of expertise from across the globe, presenting a comprehensive guide to this valuable group of compounds and their potential applications.

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Royal Society of Chemistry
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