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A most complete source book of folding finishes through simple illustrations and detailed instructions. This book teaches readers to get folding finishes for a unique and special customization in fashion.;Folds are currently on the rise at the moment and this book shows how to manipulate and finish them in order to obtain that personal touch so crucial in the world of fashion. Working from the simplest possible form, the book addresses all major dimensional techniques, shows how they are related and give examples of both traditional and modern variations. This book can be considered as an encyclopaedia of folding techniques, explaining step by step the world of folds and how to apply them in practice. The explanations and diagrams about the different types of pleating are very clear and easy to follow, showing the stages of construction and the finished garments. This title includes an analysis of the use of folds in fashion throughout history and also a helpful tutorial using 30 examples from some of the most innovative and avant-garde designers in fashion today.

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Prestel Publishing Ltd
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