Creating Spaces for an Ageing Society: The Role of Critical Social Infrastructure

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Creating Spaces for an Ageing Society considers the existing social science literature on shared neighbourhood spaces through the perspective of an ageing population. It asks the question; how can we use social infrastructure to build local neighbourhoods that are supportive of the social relationships we need in later life?

Understanding that social infrastructures are the shared spaces in our communities that provide opportunity for social interaction and support the development of social relationships, Yarker delves into how shared social spaces and cohesive communities are especially important for creating a positive environment in which to age. With emphasise on how older people rely more on neighbourhood-based networks, this book highlights the crucial importance of diverse spaces in which to develop and maintain social connections as we grow older.

Drawing on existing research from urban studies, sociology, human geography and social gerontology, this book makes the case for a better appreciation of the often fleeting and minimal interactions that we have every day in our own neighbourhood. Yarker demonstrates how it is these interactions, and these everyday spaces, that can increase a sense of social connectedness for older people as well as enhance their connection to place.

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