Cybersecurity Management: An Organizational and Strategic Approach

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Cyberthreats are among the most critical issues facing the world today. Cybersecurity Management draws on case studies to analyze cybercrime at the macro level, and evaluates the strategic and organizational issues connected to cybersecurity. Cross-disciplinary in its focus, orientation, and scope, this book looks at emerging communication technologies that are currently under development to tackle emerging threats to data privacy.

Cybersecurity Management provides insights into the nature and extent of cyberthreats to organizations and consumers, and how such threats evolve with new technological advances and are affected by cultural, organizational, and macro-environmental factors. Cybersecurity Management articulates the effects of new and evolving information, communication technologies, and systems on cybersecurity and privacy issues. As the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed, we are all dependent on the Internet as a source for not only information but also person-to-person connection, thus our chances of encountering cyberthreats is higher than ever. Cybersecurity Management aims to increase the awareness of and preparedness to handle such threats among policy-makers, planners, and the public.

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