Dino Pops: 3D Models to Colour

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Through dramatic and striking illustrations from artist Jonathan Woodward, children can explore the prehistoric world and bring dinosaurs back to life with this collection of incredible press-out models to create. Colouring them in is a fun extra!

Each simple design is reversible, with a fully coloured dinosaur on one side. On the reverse, the same design is repeated in black line for children to colour. From a stomping Stegosaurus to a terrific Triceraptops, there's a whole host of characters to meet. Fun facts accompany each dinosaur.

The book also features two background scenes to display the completed models against.

Model list: Triceratops Pteranodon Spinosaurus Liopleurodon Stegosaurus Velociraptor Brachiosaurus Tyrannosaurus Ankylosaurus Oviraptor Iguanodon Parasaurolophus

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Michael O'Mara Books Ltd
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