Dionysian Buddhism: Guided Interpersonal Meditations in the Three Yanas

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Dionysian Buddhism: Guided Interpersonal Meditations in the Three Yanas will assist readers in exploring their own emotional landscapes. This sequence of guided interpersonal meditations by the renowned spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Dr. Claudio Naranjo is structured to guide individuals towards acceptance of what is and to be fully present -- to meet pain with joy, expand awareness into consciousness and to learn how to share in the full presence of others.

The "Dionysian" context of Buddhism provides a lens in which to interpret non-attachment through non-interference with the stream of life. Naranjo draws on a wide range of Buddhist traditions, from Theravada to Vajrayana, in order to create a work that emphasizes both the experiential and multifaceted aspects of meditation.

As Naranjo, who first wrote Dionysian Buddhism in Spanish and translated it himself into English, says, "Only a change of consciousness might save our world, and that in view of this collective shift in consciousness there is nothing more relevant we can do than start with ourselves."

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