Dragon's Magic Wish

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This title lets you follow the adventures of Prince Tom and Douglas the dragon as they go in search of the Golden Goblet. Pop-up pages allow readers to peek between trees, through clouds, into caves and through windows to explore three layers of illustrations. It is ideal for chivalrous 6- to 11-year-olds. Shiny gold foil on the cover and the conclusion of the story enhances young readers' excitement. Douglas is not like any other dragon you may have met. Everyone in the kingdom loves Douglas, for he is a very kind, caring dragon, and he likes nothing better than to help out his friends. However, Douglas lacks a very important dragon skill - he cannot breathe fire! Luckily Prince Tom, the King's youngest son, is around to help, and a visit to the kingdom's most famous fire-breathing dragon puts the two friends on the trail of the Golden Goblet. Whoever succeeds in following the clues to find this magical cup will be granted one wish. Can you guess what that wish will be...? This charming storybook has layered pop-ups on every page. Special effects include reflective foil on the front cover and on the final page, making a shimmery surprise for all to enjoy! Children will love this thrilling adventure, while the engaging three-dimensional pictures will take them right into the heart of the dragon's quest.

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