Encyclopedia of Invasions & Conquests

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This is a comprehensive guide to over 170 invasions, conquests, battles and occupations, from ancient times to the present. Throughout history, invasions and conquests have played a remarkable role in shaping our world and defining our boundaries, both physically and culturally.

Arranged by historical period, each chapter begins with a map to help readers locate key areas and geographical features, followed by A-Z entries with bibliographical references.

Complete and comprehensive coverage, with new articles on 21st-century invasions in Russia, Ukraine, and North Vietnam, plus a wide variety of additional historic essays.

Categories of entries invlude Countries, Invasions & Conquests, and Individuals, to provide a well-rounded overview of all aspects of invasions, including their political, economic, religious, and cultural ramifications.

The entries on Leaders-among them Sargon, Alexander the Great, William the Conquerer, and Adolf Hitler-deal with people who sought to gain control, expand power, or exert religious or political influence over others through military means.

Other useful features include cross-references, a cumulative biography, and a comprehensive subject index.

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