Essential Fatty Acids: Sources, Processing Effects, and Health Benefits

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Essential fatty acids are fatty acids that humans must ingest because the body requires them for good health, but it cannot synthesize itself. Therefore, such nutrients need to be supplied from either diet or dietary supplements. Recent studies raised scientific and medical interest in the beneficial effects of these fatty acids on brain and retina function, as well as reducing ill health effects, such as cardio-metabolic diseases. Thus, there is an interest in developing requirements and dietary recommendations.

Essential Fatty Acids: Sources, Processing Effects, and Health Benefits provides a systematic introduction and comprehensive information about the essentiality of diets rich in omega fatty acids for successful human growth, development and disease prevention. This book presents detailed knowledge about essential fatty acids, their different food sources, biochemistry, and metabolism. It provides a comprehensive assessment of current knowledge about the effects of various processing and storage conditions on essential fatty acids, their bioavailability and supplementation in foods and diet. Chapters highlight the contribution of essential fatty acids in prevention and improvement of various conditions such as heart problems, arthritis, cancer, brain and bone health, especially in developing fetuses and children.

Key Features:

  • Presents comprehensive information on nutritional and health aspects of fats and essential fatty acids
  • Contains a wealth of information on the structure, sources, biochemistry and nutritional properties of essential fatty acids
  • Provides the latest information about the changes in essential fatty acids during various processing and storage conditions
  • Highlights the bioavailability, supplementation and dietary requirements of these fatty acids

By bringing together diverse areas of biochemistry, storage, as well as processing behavior and dietary requirements, this book lays the groundwork for striking expansion in our understanding of these important biochemicals and their role in health and disease prevention. Essential Fatty Acids will be of interest to a large and varied audience of researchers in academia, industry, nutrition, dietetics, food science, agriculture, and regulators.

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