Ethics, Politics, and Whistleblowing in Engineering

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The aim of this book is to generate a strong operational ethic in the work of engineers from all disciplines. It provides numerous examples of engineers who sought to meet the highest ethical standards, risking both professional and personal retaliations. In short, it presents the fields of engineering ethics in the context of actual conflict situations on the job, and points to an urgent need for a strong ethical framework for the profession. This book is about engineering students and practitioners truly understanding, valuing, and championing their wider critical role. Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate and champion of engineers, wrote the preface.

  • Presents various viewpoints which hail from a wide variety of disciplines in the engineering, science, and technology communities.
  • Includes a mix of historical and contemporary examples, a list of relevant television series and documentaries for engineers, as well as links to informative websites for practicing engineers and engineering students.
  • Examines engineering professionalism as related to the imperative of sustainable development.
  • Provides numerous examples of corporate whistleblowing and ethical dilemmas in engineering.
  • Includes a foreword written by consumer advocate Ralph Nader.

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