Examining a New Automobile Global Manufacturing System

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This book discusses the Global Manufacturing Teaching Strategies of the 21st Century, including employing the New Global Manufacturing Model (NGMM) using total linkage of TDS, TPS, TMS, TIS & TJS, as the next generation management technology principle. Specifically, this book describes the New Japan Automobile Global Manufacturing Model (NJ-AGMM) used for the strengthening of Japan automobile corporate management in advanced companies that surpasses JIT, or the traditional Toyota Production System. The evolution of Japan automobile manufacturing using NJ-AGMM consists of a structured 5 hold-core system - advanced TDS, TPS, TMS, TIS & TJS. This enhances the uniform quality worldwide and the production at various locations throughout the Japan Supply System. This book will discuss the actual applications and validity of this new method through customer value creation in Toyota and other companies. It will showcase the renovation of global manufacturing through corporate management strategy and management technology.

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