Fake News: An Approximately True Analysis of Fake News

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Is lying a sin? Is Theresa May a robot or a shape changing lizard? Is there such a thing as an inalienable human right? What will happen if Jacob Rees-Mogg does embrace his freedom and stand on his own two feet? These questions and many more are addressed in Paul R Goddards latest book, Fake News, or to give the book its full title An Approximately True Analysis of Fake News. The book is a short paperback packed full of scurrilous ideas and cartoons. It is subtitled The Book of Lying and Propaganda due to the fact that fake news has been with the human race ever since its inception. This book explains why we lie, suggests ways to spot lies and describes the history of propaganda and spin. It touches on difficult subjects such as fakery in medicine, science, politics and religion and is illustrated throughout by Goddards self-penned cartoons. From the Foreword by Chris Beetles: This book is worthless and subversive and deserves to be shredded. Resist temptation to give it as a jolly present to your friends All right, all right, have it your way enjoy this very funny book if you must, read it three times a day after meals, but dont say I didnt warn you when you feel a whole lot better.

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