Families in Later Life: Connections and Transitions

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'''''The introductory essays and readings, drawn from both literature and social science research, vividly illustrate the diversity of aging experiences both within and across American families u diversity conditioned by social space, historical time, and individual biography.'''uEleanor Palo Stoller,''Selah Chamberlain Professor of Sociology''Case Western Reserve University''Families in Later Life is the only textbook on the subject that addresses the diversity of aging experiences in society by race, gender, and social class, and in a form which combines insight from the humanities as well as the social sciences.''Includes a balance between empirical selections and literary pieces, keeping students interested and engaged while still introducing them to solid research. Every social science article included has been carefully edited so those students learn and enjoy their reading to the maximum extent possible. Framing Essays by the Editors, Questions for Discussion, and a complete Index make this book even more useful for teaching.

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