Fiction Ages 10-11


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This box of comprehension cards covers:

High-interest short passages of text along with five comprehension questions that prompt students to identify and effectively cite text evidence A variety of genres Comprehension-helper cards that provide kid-friendly definitions, tips, and examples to help students master reading skills

On each of the 100 text cards there is a passage of age-appropriate text with an illustration and five comprehension questions related to the passage. The 10 different questions types in this fiction box are:

Cause and Effect - Questions focused on an event or action that makes something happen in a story and the result or consequence of that event or action.

Character - Questions focused on the characters of a story

Compare and Contrast - Questions focused on looking closely at two or more things (characters, settings, plots, etc.) to see how they are similar. And looking closely at two or more things to see how they are different. Conflict and Resolution - Questions focused on the main problem of a story and the solution to, or outcome of, the problem or conflict. Not all resolutions are happy ones. Inference - Questions focused on drawing a conclusion based on clues in the text and your own background knowledge. Point of view - Questions about the story perspective i.e. looking at pronouns etc. Prediction - Questions focused on using what you know from the text to make a sensible guess about what will happen later on in a story. Setting - Questions focused on the settings of a story. Theme - Questions focused on the big idea or message of a story. A theme is conveyed by title, setting and symbols. It can also be conveyed by how its characters act, learn and change. Tone - Questions focused on the way the narrator feels about the events, settings and characters in a story.

The fifth question on each card will be a S-T-R-E-T-C-H question, a creative thinking question such as writing sentences using words/phrases from the story, describing something from the story, explaining what might happen next, describing a real-life event that's connected to the story, asking an opinion on the story or character from the story.

Age-appropriate helper cards provide background information to help children respond knowledgeably to the comprehension questions. There are 14 helper cards in this box covering:

Cause and Effect Character Compare and Contrast Conflict and Resolution Context Clues Fiction Text Figurative Language Inference Point of View Prediction Setting Text Evidence Theme Tone

Also includes a Teacher's Booklet to provide ideas on how to use the cards and answers.

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