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Financial Mathematics Solved Exercises is a handbook for students, faculty and professionals interested in understanding appraisal methods for the most popular banking products.The handbook addresses the main topics of Financial Mathematics studied in the graduate and postgraduate courses of Business Administration with exercises that are always solved step by step to strengthen the concepts that can be learnt. This design allows people interested in Financial Mathematics to learn specific routines by following the instructions provided for the different exercises.This handbook results from the years of academic experience that the writers have in graduate and postgraduate courses of Financial Mathematics, with a major focus on understanding and applying the different methodologies. The selected exercises allowa proper and concise understanding of some of the terms and concepts commonly used in commercial banking that are applied either to retail banking or to corporate banking.Each one of the six chapters starts with a brief introduction of the banking product to appraise, continues with detailed step?by-step solutions for different types of exercises and concludes with a series of unsolved exercises for which the answersare provided.

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