Flare Up: Can Jason keep out of danger? Or will his world explode around him?

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Jason's life is not going well.

He doesn't have a job and he's been chucked out of his girlfriend's flat.

When he gets the chance to work on an oil rig, Jason hopes his luck has changed. But there he meets someone from his past who could get him into a whole new world of trouble.

Can Jason get his head together and keep out of danger? Or will everything flare up around him and burn down his hopes and dreams?

SERIES INFORMATION This inspiring story from Carnegie Medal-nominated author Matt Dickinson is part of the Diffusion books range, written especially for adults and teenagers who want to improve their reading skills.

Easy-to-read, with short chapters, the books in the series enable learners to practice their reading skills and build up their reading confidence. They are also a brilliant choice for anyone learning English as an additional language.

Flare Up also includes discussion and reflection questions that help to promote mental well-being. It encourages readers to look after their mental health by, for example, thinking positively, exercising, setting themselves goals and sharing problems with someone they trust. It also includes simple mindfulness activities and a calming breathing exercise to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Buying this book will support our project to help people in prison improve both their reading skills and their life chances. To find out more visit https://spckpublishing.co.uk/diffusion-books

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