Food Forensics Handbook

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Based on the analysis of actual problematic samples sent by agricultural and food producers, this handbook is a technical introduction to the investigative methods and technical apparatus for analyzing foods and related byproducts containing contaminants or defects caused by chemical or microstructural irregularities. The book shows how a food forensic lab is set up and provides protocols for sample preparation, with special attention to, imaging, spectroscopy, X-ray, other devices, and chemical, microstructural and elemental analysis. The book supplies numerous example images, spectra and data sets to aid in formulating and also solving problems of identifying defects in food products, such as off-flavors, improper texture, faulty ingredients, ingredient interactions and inclusion of foreign materials or foreign chemicals. Topics include dyes and staining, SEM, X-ray tomography, various forms of spectroscopy, fluorescence, molecular, elemental and chemical analysis, and more. This handbook is essential for anyone tasked with analyzing foods for safety, forensics, quality, or product design.

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