For the Muslims: Islamophobia in France

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'There is aproblem with Islam in France,' a respected member of the prestigious Academie Francaise recently proclaimed, regretting that this 'concern for civilization' should be 'abandoned to the Front National'. In response to the intellectual banalization of a discourse similar to that which maintained the existence of a 'Jewish problem' in France, before the European catastrophe, this book takes the side of French compatriots of Muslim origin, culture or belief, against those who make them into scapegoats for our disquiets and uncertainties. At stake is not just solidarity but fidelity. Fidelity to our history, to our memory, to ourheritage. In defence of the Muslims, therefore, as our predecessors wrote indefence of the Jews, the blacks or the Roma, but also in defence of minorities and the oppressed. Or, quite simply, of France. The author has added a new preface after the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 and the resultant state backlash.

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