Four Views on the Role of Works at the Final Judgment

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Through a discussion of Biblical texts, this book presents four perspectives on the role of works at the final judgment.

The final judgment is the last and final act before God dwells with his people forever. Scripture makes that clear, but what function do our actions play in the final assessment of our souls--especially those of professing Christians?

The contributors each state their case for one of four prominent views on the effect of works at the end of time:

  • Robert N. Wilkin : Works will determine rewards but not salvation
  • Thomas R. Schreiner : Works will provide evidence that one actually has been saved
  • James D. G. Dunn : Works will provide the criterion by which Christ will determine eternal destiny of his people
  • Michael P. Barber : Works will merit eternal life

This book allows each contributor to not only present the case for his view, but also to critique and respond to the critiques of the other contributors, allowing you to compare their beliefs in an open forum setting to see where they overlap and where they differ.

The Counterpoints series presents a comparison and critique of scholarly views on topics important to Christians that are both fair-minded and respectful of the biblical text. Each volume is a one-stop reference that allows readers to evaluate the different positions on a specific issue and form their own, educated opinion.

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