Freight Corridors & Freight Transportation in the European Union: Policies & Programs

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To provide efficient goods movement on the U.S. transportation network, the United States will need to undertake new approaches. An approach advanced by industry groups as a potential path forward for the continued economic prosperity and competitiveness of the United States is a focus on corridor level thinking. A corridor approach can help focus the Nation's assets and resources on key transportation infrastructure that supports national economic activity. The European Union (EU) adopted the corridor approach in the mid-1990s and has continually evolved its freight corridor program with the admission of new member states, increased freight volumes, and the changing demands, including environmental sustainability, placed on the transportation network. The EU views this corridor approach as strategically important to its global economic competitiveness. Given EU's experience with this concept, the scanning study was designed to engage the European Commission and key member states in the policy, funding, and programmatic implications of integrating corridors into their transportation planning. This book discusses the understanding of the policy and program structure of national and international freight corridor programs in the EU.

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