From Ashgabat to Istanbul: Oriental Rugs from Canadian Collections

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This is an insightful exploration of the history of Oriental rug collecting in Canada, and the country's deep-rooted appreciation of different cultures. The history of Canadian collecting practices and cultural context of the Oriental rug production is highlighted with a beautifully illustrated display of over 70 distinctive rugs, horse and camel decorations, and tent bands and bags from Central and West Asia - regions well known for the richness of their rug weaving traditions developed by diverse cultures and peoples. From Ashgabat to Istanbul: Oriental Rugs from Canadian Collections will be a window into their complex and ancient traditions, a meaningful access to the diverse and multifaceted Canadian heritage as well as a captivating journey and a rich learning experience for those interested in Canadian history and world cultures, for those familiar with Oriental rugs and those seeing them for the first time. The accompanying essays trace Canadian social history as reflected in rug collecting practices and incorporates interviews with collectors, dealers, curators and business owners. The many items presented are drawn from 30 private collections and public institutions.

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Textile Museum of Canada
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