From Inside of Padel Vol. I

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The spotlights, the crowded bleachers, the noise... And on the court, four players dazzle us with their skill; incredible strokes, impossible recoveries, and a vertiginous rhythm that fascinates and amazes us with each play, but... what is the story behind each player From Inside the of Padel, Volume I compiles the stories of fourteen geniuses of this sport, players who relate, in first person, the events that marked their life from their childhood to today in first person. A text packed with everything that forged them not only as the athletes they are, but also, as the people they have become. Their successes and failures, their fears and insecurities, their experiences and entertaining anecdotesall of which transmit that unique, personal, and never previously disclosed vibe that makes each chapter an intimate confession from the individual protagonists. It is, without a doubt, an indispensable work for all lovers of this sport.

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