Fundamentals of the Futures Market

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Find out how any investor can hedge portfolio risks - and increase trading profits - in today's futures marketplace. The commodities futures market - long seen as the province of professional hedge fund managers and frenzied, hand-waving pit traders - has begun to grab the attention of individuals everywhere. Sharp investors are using today's technology to access high-level research and information, hedge their trading risks, and leverage small amounts of cash into sizable investment profits."Fundamentals of the Futures Market" is a step-by-step guidebook to the opportunities and risks in today's wide-open commodity markets. Plain-English analyses and explanations combine with quizzes, checklists, charts, graphs, and more to reveal: reports and major indicators to watch - and how to interpret their meanings; types of orders - including market, limit, and stop orders - and when to use each; tips of the trade - techniques the pros use to profit from price changes, avoid errors, and more.From hands-on basics to advanced technical skills, "Fundamentals of the Futures Market" will give you everything you need to truly understand and profit from the exciting, newly accessible futures marketplace. Let this hands-on book - along with its companion "Fundamentals of investing guides" - help you build the skills and confidence for success...before you risk your money in the no-room-for-error waters of real-time trading! Hone your trading skills with McGraw-Hill's "Fundamentals of investing" series: "Fundamentals of the Stock Market" by O'Neill Wyss; "Fundamentals of the Bond Market" by Esme Faerber; "Fundamentals of the Options Market" by Michael S. Williams and Amy Hoffman.

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