Fused Pyrimidines, Part 3: Pteridines


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The chemistry of heterocyclic compounds is one of the most complex branches of organic chemistry. It is equally interesting for its theoretical implications, for the diversity of its synthetic procedures, and for the physiological and industrial significance of heterocyclic compounds. A field of such importance and intrinsic difficulty should be made as readily accessible as possible, and the lack of a modern, detailed and comprehensive presentation of heterocyclic chemistry is therefore keenly felt. It is the intention of the present series to fill this gap by expert presentations of the various branches of heterocyclic chemistry. The subdivisions have been designed to cover the field in its entirety by monographs which reflect the importance and the interrelations of the various compounds, and accommodate the specific interests of the authors. This volume provides complete coverage of heterocyclic compounds containing the pteridine ring system.

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