Game Over Girl

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An edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller from the acclaimed author of Every Line of You – A Good Girl's Guide to Murder meets virtual reality ...

'A pacy, intelligent novel that will have readers racing to get to the final page.' THE BOOKSELLER

'A pixelated whirlwind of a ride through the darkest secrets of the human mind, explored through the lens of virtual reality gaming!' LEE NEWBERY, AUTHOR OF THE LAST FIREFOX

Lola's been selected to play a new virtual reality game – Better Than Life.

In her game, she's loved. Is beautiful. Can do whatever she wants. But she quickly breaks the one rule: not to recreate people or places from real life. She recreates her house and a boy she fancies. Soon she's skipping school to play.

But Lola has secrets - dark ones that begin to surface inside her game - and the more she tries to fix her problems, the more she overlooks a much bigger threat ...

An original, high-concept psychological thriller – Holly Jackson meets VR horror

Set in an exclusive boarding school, this rollercoaster ride of a story involves an unreliable narrator,immersive gaming, a dark secret and a huge twist

Perfect for fans of Cynthia Murphy and Kathryn Foxfield



'What a debut. So tense – and it didn't lead where I thought it was going.' SUE WALLMAN, author of YOUR TURN TO DIE

'Frankenstein meets Heathers. Bonnie and Clyde for the digital age, Every Line of You is a gripping thriller about the power of AI and a fresh twist on the intensity of first love.' AMY MCCAW, author of MINA AND THE UNDEAD

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