Gangland Robbers

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Robbers have always seen themselves as the cream of the underworld; at the top of the criminal aristocracy, in and out of prison. Robbers follows the stories of the men and women who go to great lengths to organise a heist which, if all goes well, should keep them in luxury for many years, if not for life. And if the heist fails, then often it is another sort of life.

Morton and Lobez cover the stories of the robbers and robberies of the past 200 years; from the tunnel-digging heist of the Bank of Australia robbery in 1828 through to the bushrangers; Squizzy Taylor and his crew; the train robbers of the 1930s; Jockey Smith; 'Mad Dog' Cox; the ill-fated Victorian Bookie Robbery, as well as the less well known 'Angel of Death', 'The Pushbike Bandit' and 'The Gentleman Bandit'. Robbers explores the livesa "their own and othersa "that they ruined; the robbers who went to the gallows, and the very few who redeemed themselves.

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