Gin of Thrones: Cocktails & drinking games inspired by the World of Westeros

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If you've finished your binge-watch and you're looking for your next Game of Thrones fix, Gin of Thrones will bring all the bloody fun of Westeros to your kitchen.

You're not likely to sit on the Iron Throne or ride a dragon into battle against a horde of undead wights, but that doesn't mean you can't get into the Westerosi spirit - quite literally! Gin of Thrones is the ultimate cocktail book for Game of Thrones fans. Alongside 50 recipes are eight drinking games - one for each season - that can be played while watching the epic show.

What do we say to the god of drink? Yes, please!

Cocktails include:
* Mother of Dragon (Fruit)
* Shaken not Lannistirred
* The Drink That Was Promised
* Valor Mor-Guinness
* Robin Arryn's Milkshake.

' Everything's better with some wine in the belly. '
- Tyrion Lannister, the self-proclaimed 'God of Tits and Wine'.

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