GitOps and Kubernetes: Continuous Deployment with Argo CD, Jenkins X, and Flux

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GitOps and Kubernetes introduces a radical idea-managing your infrastructure with the same Git pull requests you use to manage your codebase. In this in-depth tutorial, you'll learn to operate infrastructures based on powerful-but-complex technologies with the same Git version control tools most developers use daily.

GitOps and Kubernetes is half reference, half practical tutorial for operating Kubernetes the GitOps way. Through fast-paced chapters, you'll unlock the benefits of GitOps for flexible configuration management, monitoring, robustness, multi-environment support, and discover tricks and tips for managing secrets in the unique GitOps fashion.

Key Features

* Multiple-environments management with branching, namespace, and configuration

* Access Control with Git, Kubernetes, and Pipeline

* Using Kubernetes with Argo CD, JenkinsX, and Flux

* Multi-step deployment strategies like Blue-Green, Canary in a declarative GitOps model

For developers familiar with Continuous Delivery principles and the basics of Git and Kubernetes.

About the technology

The tools to monitor and manage software delivery and deployment can be complex to set up and intimidating to learn. But with the "GitOps" method, you can manage your entire Kubernetes infrastructure with Git pull requests, giving you a single control interface and making it easy to assess and roll back changes!

Billy Yuen, Alexander Matyushentsev, Todd Ekenstam, and Jesse Suen are principal engineers for the Intuit platform. They are widely recognized as industry leads in GitOps for Kubernetes, having presented numerous related talks at industry conferences.

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