Global Food Security: Emerging Issues & Economic Implications

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Global food security remains at ever greater risk. This is true despite greater concerns and robust actions by world political leaders such as the G8 Summit and other stakeholders world-wide. Pro-active public policies and programs are needed for enhancing food security and ending world hunger and poverty. This book spans the globe presenting leading research in food security and economic implications. Topics discussed include: a systemic approach to food security in agrarian societies; impacts of climate change on agriculture and its implications for food security; impacts of climate change on artisanal fisheries; crop holidays -- emerging issues of food security in India; the impacts of HIV/AIDS and household food security; affordable micro irrigation-based vegetable farming for income, employment and food security; informal sector employment and food security; adoption of wheat production technologies; and gender mainstreaming in food security and pro-poor programs. It offers synthesis, lessons, and policy implications for Africa and Asia. This book also provides an exciting agenda for future research and collaboration on the important issue of global food security over the coming years.

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