Growing By Numbers: How to scale up your business with confidence

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So, you're feeling ready to start scaling up your business. But how can you be sure your finances are properly primed to make this momentous step the success it deserves to be? This authoritative, motivating and highly practical guide will take you step-by-step through everything you need to think about, know and do to get your business into the best possible shape for growth. Leading business finance mentor, Della Hudson FCA, will walk you through a tried, tested and rigorous process that will help you:

Get organised, plan and strategise for success. Take control of your costs so you can mitigate risks andgrow with confidence. Build a strong, productive team that will drive the growthyou want. Shape your role so you can move from the engine room tothe bridge with ease.

Numbers are the language of your business and this book will helpyou unlock their secrets. So, whether or not your balance sheet usuallybaffles you, you'll be empowered with all the expert know-how youneed to map a financially secure route to sustainable growth foryour business.

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