Handbook of Food Analysis Instruments


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Explore the Pros and Cons of Food Analysis Instruments

The identification, speciation, and determination of components, additives, and contaminants in raw materials and products will always be a critical task in food processing and manufacturing. With contributions from leading scientists, many of whom actually developed or refined each technique or instrument, the Handbook of Food Analysis Instruments discusses how to apply proper methods and use increasingly sophisticated instruments.

Examine Benefits, Drawbacks, and Appropriate Use

In a format that facilitates comparison of techniques, the book presents each technique in a uniform and easily accessible style. It begins with information relevant to all techniques, including calibration, standard addition, internal standards, selectivity, accuracy, precision, detection limit, quantification limit, range, robustness, speed, and convenience. Each subsequent chapter focuses on a specific type of instrument and includes a description of the information the technique can provide, a simple explanation of how it works, and examples of its application. The chapters also provide practical information such as names of instrument vendors, relative costs of instruments and materials, training and education of personnel, and references for more detailed information.

Increasingly Sophisticated Instruments Solve Analysis Problems

While there are any number of books that explain the principles of food analysis, describe how to conduct food analysis, and discuss test results, there are few that focus on understanding the actual instruments used in the analysis. Prepared by a team of food scientists, chemists, and biochemists, this handbook provides a valuable reference on the instruments of newly developed and practiced methods of analysis of food components and additives. Using the information in this book, readers can analyze each technique's potential benefits and limitations and apply them to solve specific problems.

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