Head Massage

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This title presents simple ways to revive and restore well-being, and feel fabulous from top to toe. It offers amazing techniques to recharge your mind and body, and to improve your health, shown in more than 275 beautiful step-by-step photographs. It is an easy-to-use practical guide to massage strokes that will help relieve insomnia, anxiety, sinus problems and asthma, as well as general routines that give an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being. It offers simple self-massage sequences, including easing neck pain after driving, quick fixes while working, and how to relieve tension headaches on the spot. It includes advice on creating a healing space, preparing yourself for treatment, and establishing a profound link between you and your partner. It features a comprehensive overview of the most useful massage strokes, with expert instructions on how to perform them. Head massage is an ancient therapy from India that is now widely used as a therapeutic means of providing relief from the aches and strains of modern living. Many of us have a body profile that is tense and painful, especially in the head, neck and shoulder area. Head massage relieves tensions in this area, restoring wellbeing in body, mind and soul. There is information on what strokes and oils to use on you, your friends and family, plus specific routines for alleviating headaches, anxiety, asthma and sinus problems. Everything you need to boost your energy levels and use this amazingly effective ancient technique is to be found in this book.

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