Health Economics Research in Developing Countries

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In 1983 The Economics of Health in Devloping Countries was published. This was a basic text, designed to illuminate ways in which economic concepts and techniques can be applied to health and health services, each chapter eviewing `the state of the art' in a particular area. Since 1983, there has been a rapidly growing interest in this field. One striking feature has been considerably increased research effort, providing the basis for this publication which presents a number of empirical studies in order both to clarify research methodologies and report research results that are of key importance to policy-makers. Those economists most active in researching the health sector in developing countries were invited to contribute chapters: all have direct experience of working in developing countries, whether for governments, educational institutions, or international agencies.

This book will be of use to all those interested (as policy-makers, managers, academics, and students) in economic issues concerning the health sector, and in the application of the concepts and techniques of health economics to improve the efficiency and equity of resource use in the devloping world.

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