Heart of Darkness

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As an infant, Lynette Gould's life was torn to shreds when she was sexually violated beyond comprehension. Once carefree and happy, she found herself suffering years of sexual degradation at the hands of her wicked father, turning her world into a cauldron of hate and self-loathing.After her father's imprisonment, Lynette's mother fell into a relationship with a man whose mind was as evil as his predecessor, who subjected her to even more sexual abuse which lasted for years. Eventually he too was arrested, but committed suicide before his conviction - robbing Lynette of a vital sense of closure. Just as it seemed the nightmare world of abuse could get no worse, a cold-blooded child sex ring lured her in, brutalising her dignity, innocence and mental wellbeing seemingly beyond rescue.The deeply troubled adolescent was driven to the edge of madness. But, Lynette's life was pulled back from the brink of oblivion when salvation tentatively sprang from the patient friendship of a child counsellor.Though the almost unimaginable hell endures in her memories, she speaks, in her own moving words, of her battle with the past and of those responsible, ultimately revealing a story with a message of hope.

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