History of Scholarship: A Selection of Papers from the Seminar on the History of Scholarship Held Annually at the Warburg Instit

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The history of scholarship has undergone a complete renewal in recent years, and is now a major branch of research with vast territories to explore; a substantial introduction to History of Scholarship surveys the past vicissitudes of the history of scholarship and its current expansion.The authors, all specialists of international standing, come from a variety of backgrounds: classical studies, history of religions, philosophy, early modern intellectual and religious history. Their papers illustrate a variety of themes and approaches, including Renaissance antiquarianism and philology; the rise of the notion of criticism; Biblical and patristic scholarship, and its implications for both confessional orthodoxy and eighteeenth-century free thought; the history of philosophy; and German historiographical thought in both the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. This challenging volume constitutes a collection of remarkable quality, helping to establish the history of scholarship as a more broadly acknowledged, worthwhile field of study in its own right.

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