How Can I Ever Trust You Again?: Infidelity: From Discovery to Recovery in Seven Steps

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There are few things in life more traumatic than discovering that your partner is having an affair. You are not only coping with the pain and anger but also the sense that your partner is a stranger. How could someone you love, and thought that you knew, treat you in this way? How can you ever trust your partner again?

Don't panic. Millions upon millions of ordinary men and women have trodden the same path and come out the other end with not only their love restored but a significantly stronger and better relationship. Whether you are the discoverer of the affair or whether you were discovered, Marshall offers guidance and support, and explains:

- The seven stages that couples move through from discovery to recovery. - What makes people more vulnerable to affairs. - The eight types of affairs and how understanding your partner's affair is key to deciding whether you should stay or go. - How to stop your imagination running wild and your brain from going into meltdown. - Why some couples emerge stronger and why others get derailed from the recovery process.

With over 25 years' experience as a marital therapist, Marshall draws on hundreds of case studies, and provides sensible, compassionate and practical advice.

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