How We Got to Now: Six Innovations that Made the Modern World

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From Steven Johnson, the bestselling author of Where Good Ideas Come From , comes How We Got to Now , the companion book to his six-part BBC One television series exploring the power and the legacy of great ideas.

How did photography bring about social reform? What connects refrigeration to Hollywood? And how did our battle against dirt help create smartphones? In this story of ingenious breakthroughs and unsung heroes, Steven Johnson explores the essential innovations that changed the world and how we live in it.

'A new Steven Johnson book is something not to be missed. The author has become the leading writer on how inventions happen' Daniel Finkelstein, The Times, Books of the Year

'Graceful and compelling ... you'll find yourself exhilarated' The New York Times Book Review

'Readable, entertaining, and a challenge to any jaded sensibility that has become inured to the everyday miracles all around us' Peter Forbes, Guardian 'This nimble history of invention . . .is a many-layered delight' Nature

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