Ibn al-'Arabi & the Sufis

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This is a fascinating and ground-breaking analysis of the extent to which various major Sufi figures contributed to the mystical philosophy of Ibn al-'Arabi. While recent scholarship has tended to concentrate on his teachings and life, little attention has so far been paid to the influences on his thought. Each chapter is dedicated to one of Ibn al-'Arabi's predecessors, from both the early and later periods, such as al-Bistami, al-Hallaj and al-Jilani, showing how he is discussed in the works of the 'Greatest Master' and Ibn al-'Arabi's attitude towards him. As Abrahamov makes clear, Ibn al-'Arabi was greatly influenced by the early Sufis as regards his philosophy and by the later Sufis in matters of practice. This naturally raises the question: How original was Ibn al-'Arabi's teachings?

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