ICT in the Early Years

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"This thought-provoking book demonstrates that the application of technology in the delivery of the curriculum is so much more than this and should give early year's educators confidence and encouragement to develop their own ideas in using ICT in innovative and imaginative ways."
Lynn Kennington, Early Education newsletter

  • How can computers and other ICT applications be most effectively used to support learning in early years settings?
  • Why is it important that young children use ICT in ways which are playful, creative and explorative?
  • What research has been carried out about young children using computers and ICT, and what does this tell us?
ICT in the Early Years carefully considers the potential of ICT to provide opportunities for young children to learn through playful and creative activities, examining research and practice in relation to the educational uses of ICT with young children.

The book raises important issues about teaching in the early years using ICT, such as giving pupils control, co-operative working, access and assessment. In addition, it:

  • Recounts recent research evidence
  • Provides practical ideas for early years teachers
  • Provokes debate about the future of ICT in early years education
The book's focus is on research outcomes, viewed through discussion of practical classroom approaches, with the pupil viewed as a competent learner and assessor. Emphasis is placed on creative and playful aspects of ICT, with the child as an active agent authoring, experimenting, and creating, rather than passively receiving.

ICT in the Early Years is essential reading for teachers and teachers in training, and is also of use to other associated professionals, such as classroom assistants, home educators and nursery teachers. Parents with an interest in the use of technology in education will also find the book of genuine interest.

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