Infant and Child Feeding and Swallowing: Occupational Therapy Assessment and Intervention

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Infant and child feeding and swallowing are complex processes that require integrating motor, sensory, neurological, cardiorespiratory, and gastrointestinal systems, and they are also sensitive to the child's environment and parent-child feeding relationship. Occupational therapy practitioners are experts in the areas of motor control, sensory processing, and swallowing function, making them valuable members of the teams caring for these children.

This book provides evidence-based information on how feeding issues develop and present, clinical assessment, and intervention. Drawing on decades of clinical experience and current evidence, this text provides practical strategies to assess and address complex feeding and swallowing problems in infants and children. This text also includes a flash drive containing useful parent handouts that can be printed and writable forms that can be used for documentation and evaluation.

Comprehensive and practical, Infant and Child Feeding and Swallowing guides practitioners through the careful clinical decision making this vulnerable population requires.

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American Occupational Therapy
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