Innovative Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables: Strategies for Safety and Quality Maintenance

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This volume addresses the challenges of the short shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Innovative packaging technologies are the most promising strategies for overcoming these limitations. This book provides a host of sustainable packaging solutions that deliver protection, branding, consumer attractiveness, and speed to market in a competitive retail environment.

Key features of the book:

* Provides an informative overview of fruit and vegetable requirements and available packaging materials and systems

* Provides an understanding of the fundamentals of the impact of packaging on the quality and safety of fruits and vegetables

* Covers the fundamental aspects of packaging requirements, including mathematical modeling and mechanical and engineering properties of packaging materials

* Presents an in-depth discussion of innovative packaging technologies, such as MA/CA packaging, active packaging, intelligent packaging, and eco-friendly materials applied to fruit and vegetables

* Looks at packaging design for better environmental and economic performance

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