Institutions of Modern Spain: A Political and Economic Guide

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This book provides a comprehensive guide to Spain's major political and economic institutions, analysing their role, structure and functions, as well as their relationship to each other. Set against the background of Spain's consolidation as a young democratic nation and increasingly important contribution to EU affairs, the book examines the 1978 Constitution; the monarchy of Juan Carlos I; the Parliament; central, regional and local government; political parties; trade unions; public sector enterprises; business and professional organisations; financial institutions; and the judiciary. While most chapters reflect Spain's now well-advanced adaptation to life within the European Union, Chapter 15 also looks in detail at the country's representation in EU institutions, as well as the activities of EU-oriented institutions within Spain itself. This is a new expanded, revised and updated edition of the authors' Spain: a Guide to Political and Economic Institutions, first published in 1987.

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Cambridge University Press
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