Institutions, Production, and Working Life

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What is the link between working life and the nature of production on the one hand, and the changing organization of the firms and institutions in which work and production take place? In this book leading socio-economic theorists analyse how these have changed over the last two decades. They look at changing employment practices and systems of work, and link these to political, social, and institutional reforms; the degree of continuity and change in working life, the attitudianal and behavioural consequences of recent changes in the world of work, and the implications of these changes for worker health and well-being.

The contributions incorporate macro- and micro-level analyses and draw on a range of different and disciplinary approaches, including regulation, institutional, and labour process theory. Contributors include:

* Robert Boyer, * J. Rogers Hollingsworth, * Mick Marchington, * Jill Rubery, * Ray Hudson, * Andrew Sayer, * Russell Lansbury, * Erik Olin Wright, * Jamie Peck.

Institutions, Production, and Working Life brings together a diverse range of studies, which will be key reading for academics, researchers, and advanced students of industrial sociology, the sociology of work, political economy, social theory, industrial relations, and critical HRM.

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