Into Green: Everyday ways to find and lose yourself in nature

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"Brimful with accessible and inventive ideas, this beautiful book provides an inspiring and practical guide to fostering calm and connectedness."
Sue Stuart-Smith, author of The Well Gardened Mind

Into Green is an invitation to journey into nature, no matter how urban your environment or green your neighbourhood.

This is a book of projects, wisdom and ideas that not only inspire you to get outside and enjoy this beautiful planet, but to find meaningful interactions with nature that cultivate a happier headspace .

Authors Caro Langton and Rose Ray, founders of Ro Co @studio.roco, explore how being surrounded by green can bring you calm, hope, bravery, wonder and a sense of belonging, and help you connect with green so that you can expand and retreat, grow and disappear, and to ultimately find and lose yourself in nature . This book teaches you how nature can help you build confidence , believe in yourself, and travel a path that is authentic to you.

Into Green full of simple rituals to incorporate into your everyday life, as well as facts, wonders and science that spark awe (which almost always lead to seeing the world differently) as well as creative projects that build a confident relationship with nature, from creating a wildflower window box to dyeing fabrics with plant materials.

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