Introduction to a Postnational History of Contemporary Basque Literature (1978-2000): Remnants of the Nation

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By developing a new theory of postnationalism about the relationship between minor and major literatures, this book chronicles the growth and success of Basque literature after the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco (1975), and the historical and literary struggles that took place in its aftermath in order to achieve global recognition: the reduction of Basque literature to a representation of an exotic and magic place and people (the Basque Country), best exemplified by Bernardo Atxaga's novel Obabakoak (1988). The book also deploys postnationalist theory in order to chronicle the way in which women's literature challenged and changed this model in the 1990s and paved the way for what is now a complex and diverse literature.

JOSEBA GABILONDO is an Associate Professor in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies, Michigan State University.

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