Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?: Understanding the Differences between Christianity and Islam

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The days when western Christians could ignore the influence of Islam are over. Today as never before, the world's second largest religion is shaping our culture, and words such as jihad, imam, Quran, and fatwa have entered our vocabulary. While all Muslims are no more alike than all Christians are alike, there are certain fundamental beliefs that all Muslims hold in common-some of which Christians would agree with, including belief in one true God. But is it the same God? How does the God of Muhammad differ from the God of Christianity? Written in a clear, passionate style that is conciliatory, balanced, and uncompromisingly biblical, this book describes and contrasts the distinctives of Christianity and Islam. Its author, a noted historian and theologian who has studied Islam for many years, writes with an eye on helping Christians better understand how to interact with Muslims. Beginning with an overview of Islam-what it is and how it arose-here are fascinating and relevant insights on * the Five Pillars of Islam * the role of religious violence from the Crusades onward * the doctrine of the Trinity and the character of God * Christian and Muslim views of Jesus Christ and salvation * what Christians can learn from Muslims * how Christians can share Christ with their Muslim neighbors . . . and more

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